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 Provided that your Chrome Web program is dragging, its presumably because of a development hoarding the sum of your memory. Read on to study how to see which augmentations are memory-hoarding offenders and how to find plan B. 

Sometime we open many tabs in Google Chrome without notice anything that how much memory of your computer using in Google Chrome Extensions. Now here I’m telling you that how can you see & remove see which extensions are memory-hogging culprits and how to find alternatives. 

Follow my few steps , 

When you have Google Chrome Window open , 

Step 1

  1. Click on menu icon right side of Chrome
  2. Go To Tools, 
  3. Click On Task Manager
  4. Now You Found Delete Those Tabs Where You Are Not Working or etc. 
Step 2
  1. Press Shift + Esc    (Which Should Work From Any Tabs)
If you have any problem comment here below. Hope this is helpful for you. 
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