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Article Updated: 11 January 2017

What Updated: iOS 9.0, 10.1 Version Method Added

Hi guys today I’m gonna share a very important and unique thing for you. Now you will see what i am talking about. You know everything on the internet world is protected by policies, securities, and lot of more things which i can’t define. But today i’m giving a great tool and great trick for Apple Devices users. I’m also Apple devices user and when i was use vpn or other tool to unlock website then i see many ads where is written that purchase vpn for lifetime on cost 5$ or 15$ a year etc but here is nothing purchasing anything you just follow my guidness and you will see the magic. I also added a video tutorial in this post you can watch how can i

What is VPN ?

You Think The Internet Should Exist Without Censorship? ( I Do! )
You can access all internet websites which is disabled and blocked by companies or countries. If you are in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates) etc. In these countries government blocked some website, like, Adult, YouTube Blocked in (Pakistan) and lot of more website. But VPN is only way to unlock all these websites easily.

Why Free For Lifetime VPN ?

Because some website providing us Premium VPN for iPhone, iPad, iPod etc but some everyone knows that you can’t purchase anything from Internet without Credit Card or Debit Card and mostly people’s don’t have any these cards etc. So you can’t purchase and enjoy full function on VPN. Now time is gone for purchasing etc.

Lifetime VPN Free For 9.0 & Earlier Version

You can watch this below method or just follow the instructions to add VPN on your 9.0 version or earlier.

Note: If you have latest iOS version like 9.0, 10.1 & above then scroll down this page and follow latest method for latest iOS version. 

I have iPhone so that’s why i added instruction through my iPhone and i also added a video Tutorial for you in this post and on my YouTube Channel.

  1. Go To iPhone Settings
  2. General
  3. VPN
  4. Add Following Configuration,  
  5. Description: Server2
  6. Server:  uk.websitevpn.com
  7. Account: websitevpn.com
  8. VPN Password:  FreeVPN

When you add these settings on you iPhone, iPad, iPod then turn on your VPN and Enjoy Blocked Websites.

Lifetime VPN Free For iOS 9 10 & Above

Watch this below video and follow this method.

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  • Not working

    • MagHow

      How ? what’s the error ?

  • Not workin on PPTP

    • MagHow

      Can you please tell us more about what is error ?

  • lado

    not working nonsense

    • how did you tried ?

      • franco

        phone your provider fist and make sure your sim card is unrestrict apn enable.if not vpn will not work for some countries,ports are blocked by providers

  • Libralady

    When I tried this it says authentication failed

    • Please leave security box and try that again.. It’s working for everyone you can see on my video comments. Still have any issue please feel free to contact with me.

  • Samatar

    I using an ipod..so is it ok if i use these settings or i need a sim card

    • If you have any wifi connection or sim card then you can use these settings to change your location and watch anything which is blocked on internet.

  • Naman

    location of ip is at pune, maharastra,india! how?