How To Add Rel=Publisher Tag On WordPress/Blogger Easy

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How To Add Rel=Publisher Tag On WordPress/Blogger Easy

Internet has everything, you enter single word in a search engine and you experience millions of applicable pages. Yet, a normal client has constrained time and consideration so your website search better be distinctive and appealing. That is precisely what rel=publisher tag will accomplish for your brand.

Actually i’m not going to make this article so long and difficult for people to understand what is actually Rel=Publisher tag or why we use this on our website to connect with Google+ Page.

Now i’m showing you the two example with different view.

Example 1 With Rel=Publisher Tag On Website/Blog
Source/Credit Image: Google
Example 2 Without Rel=Publisher Tag On Website/Blog
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So what are you thinking ? still want to know why we should add this tag to our website/blogs ? No way.
Follow steps to add this on your website
Step 1:  Go To Blogger
Step 2: Select Your Blog
Step 3: Click On Template
Step 4: Edit HTMl
Step 5: Find <head>
Step 6: Add following code below <head> code.
Code: <link href={plusPageUrl} rel=“publisher” />
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Note: I You can also connect your site by simply linking to your Google+ page anywhere on the page using a standard <a> element and include the rel=”publisher” attribute on the link.
Important Notes: If you already connected your website on your Google+ Page then ignore this line but if you didn’t add then follow the official article by Google Here
for more details visit Google+ Developers page.
Step 1: Go To YourWesbite.Com/login.php
Step 2: Login With Your Username & Password
Step 3: Just Go To Plugins
Step 4: Search For Yoast SEO 
Step 5: Install It 
Step 6: Nevigate To Yoast SEO
Step 7: Click Social 
Step 8:  Google+ tab, paste the url of your Google+ page.
Save settings and you’re done.
Step 9: You can also add the following code and save <a href=”{+PageId}” rel=”publisher”>My Google+ Page</a>  to your widget area.
Code: <link href={plusPageUrl} rel=“publisher” />
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