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How to add or submit sitemap into your blogger site easily with single click. No matter how many posts you have on your website/blogger blog just follow these steps to complete your tasks.

Before you submit your sitemap to Google Indexing we want to tell you about sitemap if you don’t know about it but if you know then skip this information and follow other steps,

I’m not going to write long article about this short & easy way to add sitemap so i hate when i waste someone or mine time ;).

Follow these steps, 

Single Sitemap For Google Indexing, 

  1. First See How Many Posts You Have On Your Blogger Blog
  2. Go To Blogger.Com
  3. Select Your Blog
  4. See Total Posts Count Then Follow Next Steps,

Blog With Less Than 500 Posts.

Blog With More Than 500 & Less Than 1000

Blog With More Than 1000 Less Than 1500

After generating sitemap from above methods now it’s time to submit to Google via Web Master.
Note: You Can Change The Red Color Numbers With Your Posts Number.
Follow My Steps,
  1. Go To Your Google Web Master Click Here
  2. You Will Redirect To Dashboard
  3. Select Your Website/Blog From List
Picture Help / Example
4: You Can See reports, Related, Crawl Errors & Search
Picture Help / Example
5: Now Click More Under Sitemap Reports
6: Top Right You Will See (Add/Test/Sitemap)
Picture Help / Example
7: Now Past Generated Above Sitemap For Your Website/blog.
Picture Help / Example
8: You’re Done!
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