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If you really want to delete all your facebook messages at once then here is the good solution for those people. Sometime we really want to delete them from our inbox such as a situations like if we give our password to anyone or one of our family member/friend insist us to show your inbox so in that condition people think about delete all their facebook messages within seconds so it can be easy to give their privacy for a moment without any hesitation.

Delete All Facebook Messages


Below here i’m going to explain how can you delete all your facebook messages on Google Chrome with extension. It’s easy to use and nice layout for users so now let’s get to these steps,


  1. Open your Google Chrome
  2. Click Here or https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-delete-all-messa/hgiidlnejdlfoacoeleopkljhbckmlko?hl=en
  3. Install This Extension On Your Google Chrome Browser
  4. You Will See “Messenger Icon” On Right Corner of Your Chrome Browserclick-on-icon-to-begin-deletetion-of-messages-maghow-com
  5. Open Your Facebook Messages Click Here or Facebook.Com/Messages 
  6. Click On (Open Messages) From Messenger Icon Right Up Corner of Your Chrome Browserclick-on-open-your-messages-maghow-com
  7. It will show you the menu with all details/instructions for your deletion process.facebook-delete-all-messages-screenshot-maghow-com
  8. Now you have to just click on “Begin Deletion” process after your read all instructions from the extension.
  9. When you click on (Begin Deletion) it will show you how many messages/converstions attempted from your inbox like in following picture. attempted-messages-for-deletion-maghow-com
  10. If you have more converstions just scroll down your all messages it will automatically detect your conversions and show you complete number of converstions like in picture.


Here below i’m also going to write some instructions for you which is really important for you to read them and keep them in your mind before you do any steps from above method. 

Instructions For Deletion Process:

  1. Optionally move messages that you wish to keep to the Archive.
  2. If you did not archive any messages, skip this step.
    Otherwise you MUST refresh the page and relaunch the extension.
  3. Go to the messages you wish to delete.
  4. Click Begin Deletion.
  5. If it does not work, use Compatibility Mode.
  6. If some messages are not deleted, refresh and repeat.
  7. Exit when you are finished.

Important Attention:

  • Deletion is PERMANENT! You cannot restore deleted messages.
  • DO NOT select “prevent this page from creating additional dialogs“.
  • DO NOT SKIP step 2 if you archive any messages.
  • Compatibility mode requires Facebook to be in English language.
  • The tool may not work due to recent changes made by Facebook.
  • If you face any problems, do not hesitate to ask for help.

Please read all terms & conditions before starting this process.

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