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On Apple devices there is no way to restart your device direct because on other OS systems these options are available so it maybe issue for them who want to restart their devices like iPhone or iPad without pressing Home/Power button exact the same time. I’m going to give you easy solution right here so you can get your device restarted without using Home or Power buttons.


If your device Home/Power buttons are broken and want to restart your device without pressing them then please follow the next steps to restart your device. There are some ways i’m going to mention them here below,


1: Bold Text | iPhone or iPad

If you notice here something that Apple has these settings in these devices where we can bold text in device and iPhone/iPad will detect that automatically and restart your device.

Please follow these steps,

  1. Go to iPhone/iPad Settings
  2. General
  3. Accessibility
  4. Scroll Down & You Will See (Bold Text)
  5. Click Continue & Restart Your Device

You’ve Done!

Image Credit: iMore

Image Credit: iMore

2: Reset iPhone/iPad Settings

There is also another way to restart your phone if you can’t go with bold text settings You have to follow another method below,

  1. Go to iPhone/iPad Settings
  2. General List
  3. Reset Menu
  4. Reset Network Settings Only
  5. You’ve Done

    How to Restart Your iPhone/iPad Without Home/Power Buttons
    Image Credit: iPhoneHacks.Com

Users apply these settings on following conditions which i’m going to mention here

  • Broken buttons
  • Home or Power Buttons are not working

Please tell us your issues regarding this post in comments. Maybe from your comment people will learn something which they don’t know about issues.

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