How To Confirm/Verify/Ownership Facebook Blocked Account | Solved

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How To Confirm/Verify/Ownership Facebook Blocked Account | Solved

Facebook is place where people share feelings with each others and all of their activities via posting them on timeline. But it doesn’t mean that you will post or share everything which is bad or good. Sometime people share something bad like Pornography Images, spamming links, and marketing things which contains viruses and everything. Facebook always scan these files and posts by users. When you even publish a word they will scan everything from your activities. Recently Facebook blocked many fake ID’s and turn them into useless without their user permission because user were trying to post/publish something which is not allowed on Facebook and also they were not verified so before Facebook block your account please confirm or verify your ID and always be on social media without any issue.

Don’t waste time here let’s get into steps to solve your problems.

Facebook Blocked

If you are facing problem related to your ID which is showing you that your account has been blocked or confirm your identity then don’t worry it will be alright when you will follow some rules below,

  1. First understand that it’s real and Facebook will require your ID
  2. Prepare your ID in your computer
  3. Scan that from your scanner or take a clean picture of front and back both side
  4. Save them on your desktop or wherever you can access them for work
  5. Open this link (Here) or
  6. Click on choose file like below in picture


    Facebook Blocked

  7. Select your both file one by one front & back side of your ID
  8. Put your Email or Phone number of your account not any other
  9. Wait when attachments/files complete you will see stop process
  10. Click (Send) blue button
  11. You’re done!  🙂


Note Some Things Before Your Submit

  1. You can’t attach more than 3 files at the same time
  2. You can submit your (License, School, Collage, University, National) ID card for this
  3. Best format for pictures as Facebook mentioned (JPEG’s)
  4. You can read more about these guidelines on submission page.


Important Notes For Future Posting

  • Please do not upload any pornography picture
  • Please do not share spam links
  • Please do not try to hack any account
  • Please do not try to login to others account
  • Please do not try to write any bad words
  • Please do not try to give your password to anyone
  • Please do not try to trust anyone if your ID is so personal
  • Please do not try to login from unusual locations
  • Please do not try to open your account from any other device except yours
  • Please do not try to save passwords for browsers when you login from other location

Always run your Facebook ID in good condition with positive activities it’s the only way to protect your account from being hacked/blocked/disabled. It’s your social life on internet and don’t waste it for some fun/enjoyments.

Final Words

Enjoy social life on internet. 

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