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A method for Google Chrome Online users always love to visit some of their favorite websites on daily basis so they can get always updated from them. But let me tell you about myself that how many websites i visit everyday and how many email/passwords i have to registered their. You know when what when i visit some of my favorite websites for some purpose and i can’t remember all passwords and email when i registered there for some reason it mean you have to remember all passwords at once for each website which is difficult for a person. When after a month if i need those passwords and email then i will fight with myself to remember them or i will register new account for each website which always kill me in that situation.

What is Google Chrome Passwords?

When you visit a website and if they ask you to register yourself there then you fill all forms and  just click on login/signup/register or registration button. Google Chrome will show you a Popup that you can save these forms and passwords which you added on registered website. You can use it later without typing your password or email Google chrome will automatically saved your passwords.

Now question is here if you need those all passwords/email for each website then you remember that you saved all of your data on Chrome so now you need it right here then you will follow following methods to show/Reveal/See saved passwords on Google Chrome/Firefox

How To Show/See Saved Passwords In Google Chrome & Firefox


Google Chrome And Firefox Method:


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  4. google-chrome-passwords-3-maghow-com



  • Never try to hack someone passwords
  • Never try to see other people’s passwords
  • Never try to break other privacy policy
  • Never try to trust someone on your computer if you have saved passwords on Chrome
  • Never try to install any other third-parties software/extension to  save your passwords it’s my opinion if you are high profile person to save your privacy from others.

Final Words

It is the easiest way to see/show/reveal password of someone’s friend or yours so you can remember it with one click. Other methods are also available but those are more complicated so i didn’t add here so people will be confused so it’s simple trick to get your forgot passwords.

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