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If you are wondering that you want to add Multiple Email Accounts then you can follow these simple methods for 2007 outlook and later version. It’s good to have more than one email account in outlook service. But issue is here that some people don’t know how to add these settings and email accounts in outlook. Outlook provided by Microsoft and it came with complete Windows default and office software which is also made by Microsoft. These methods only work  for 2007 and later version. If you are using 2010 and other later version you can also apply these settings to add Multiple Email  Accounts. It’s so easy and i’m going  to write here two methods for both users 2007 and later.

Add Multiple Email Accounts

Method 1: Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 & Later Versions


  1. Start office outlook with a profile that is configured
  2. On the files menu, click Info
  3. Account Settings & click Delegate Access
  4. Click Add
  5. Select your account or type and click Add Ok
  6. All lists just select Editor (can read, create, & modify items) in the delegate Permissions dialog box.
  7. click Ok two times
  8. Navigation Pane, in Folder List Outlook 2010 or 2013,2016
  9. Right click on your email  address top of the folder list.
  10. Folder Permissions & Click Add
  11. Click newly added entry for account A
  12. In Permission Level box, click owner & Ok
  13. Repeat 9 & 13 steps for other folders too in mailbox
  14. Quit outlook now
  15. Restart Windows, and then log on as the user of account A.
  16. Start Outlook with a profile that is configured for the Exchange Server mailbox for account A.
  17. On the Files menu, click Info.
  18. Click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.
  19. On the E-mail tab, click the Change icon.
  20. More Settings button.
  21. Advanced tab.
  22. Add to add an account.
  23. Type the name for the user of account B, and then click OK two times.
  24. Click Next, click Finish, and then click Close.


Method 2: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

  1. Start Outlook with a profile
  2. Go to Tools menu, click Options.
  3. Delegates tab, click Add.
  4. Type or select the name for the user of account, click Add
  5. In these list you will select role for each user, click to select Editor role can (read, create, and modify items) and other in the Delegate Permissions dialog box. It depend on your choice which permissions you want to give to others if you are using computer in office or someone also using your mail.
  6. Now Click OK 2 times.
  7. If you can’t see the folder then, click Folder List View menu.
  8. Right-click Mailbox – user name, and then click Properties for ‘Mailbox – user name on the shortcut menu.
  9. On the Permissions tab, click Add.
  10. Name for the user of account A, > Add >  OK.
  11. Name box, click account A.
  12. Permission Level box > Owner > OK.
  13. Repeat steps >  8 >  12 for all the other folders in mailbox.
  14. File menu >  Exit and Log Off.
  15. Restart Windows >   log on as the user of >  account A.
  16. Start >  Outlook with a >   profile that is configured for the >  Exchange Server mailbox for account A.
  17. Tools menu  >  Account Settings.
  18. E-mail name of the account > Change icon.
  19. More Settings button.
  20. Advanced tab.
  21. Add to add an account > Open these additional mailboxes > list.
  22. Type the name for the user of account > B, and > OK three times.
  23. Next >  Finish  >  Close.
  24. Done!




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