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Outlook Profile Delete If you are using any version of outlook on your computer and wanted to delete some profile or all profiles from your outlook email accounts. These consists of accounts are using data files, and settings on your computer where all of your email messages are saved. Now there is a simple way to remove or profile from outlook using any version. Outlook is service provided by Microsoft and they are giving us unique way to manage our work through this service without any trouble to get online and then we log into online forms etc. Always thanks to Microsoft for making this awesome service. Outlook work online and offline in both ways. If you decided to work offline then you must download all emails from your email provides. Don’t worry outlook will automatically download your all profiles you can see status in outlook bar.


Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016

Outlook Profile Delete

  • Exit Outlook if you are using any version
  • Windows 10 & 8 Users Go to Start Menu & type (Control Panel)
  • Windows Vista & 7 Users just go to Start Menu and then Control Panel
  • Windows 10 users > Choose Users Accounts >Mail
  • Windows 7 and Others > Mail 
  • Click on (Show Profile)
  • Select your Profile and Delete one by one if you want to delete all.


  • Mail icon will appear when you start again outlook mail
  • It will not delete all your all data from outlook stored on your computer
  • Maybe when you will delete your profile outlook will show you warning regarding deleting your profile but it stored on your computer with  (.pst) file.
  • Your .pst & outlook data location is C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

Final Words

Remember that if you want to delete all of your data then you must delete (.pst) (.ost) files from your outlook folder location which i’ve mention above. Hope that work for you

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