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Google there is no need to introduce you about it Google has its own popularity with this name. But using Google services are it’s mean you never see any error it does not mean you It mean sometime you got error because of your computer or web browser. If you want to fix them then you will always search for them. I might notice that sometime i see errors on my Chrome page where is written (This site cannot be reached). Well i have some solution for you so you can follow them with simple trick to get out of this situation like i have on my PC.


This Site cannot be Reached |Solved

it always happen in your Google Chrome or any other web browser. I love to use Google Chrome and mostly users so i will talk about here Google Chrome.

Method 1 Google Chrome | Cache

  1. Go To Google Chrome Settings .
  2. Select Settings From Options.
  3. Scroll Down & Click On (Show Advanced Settings).
  4. Now Click Again On Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Select Your Day, Week, Month & Options.
  6. Select Only (Cache) Option and Uncheck all others.
  7. Now Final Step (Click On Clear Browsing Data).
  8. You’re Done!.


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Method 1 | Warnings!

  • Before you proceed these steps please keep in your mind.
  • You can’ undone your browsing data or anything if you are going to delete.
  • Uncheck important options like (Passwords, Download History) in Browsing data settings If you are going to delete everything.
  • Keep those options which you want to keep their data on your browser.
  • Please Delete Only (Cache) it’s highly recommend for all users for this error solution.


Method 2 Google Chrome | Proxy

If you are thinking that you will always use proxy for this (No way). You are going to use this method just for few seconds if if if above method is not working for you. It does not mean that it always happen sometime happen and people can’t fix this. Let’s get into these steps,

  1. Install Any Proxy Like ZenMateDot VPNHola Better InternetCyberghost VPN-Proxy for Chrome, & etc.
  2. Select any location from VPN Chrome Extension
  3. When you will change your location error will automatically change and redirect you to the gmail page or login.
  4. Done


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Method 2 | Warnings!

  • When you get solution then turn of it again just after few mins.
  • You know when i face that error i applied this.
  • Install only save VPN on your chrome.
  • Please remove any other extension if you are not familiar with them.
  • Enjoy the Internet.



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