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Topic is here all about Mobiola Webcam so it’s time to get more details about it, and how can we use it for our purpose.

Nowadays social life is very important to us that we are using now. If you talk about any social media site they allow us to talk with each others. When we talk about each others then we will love to talk in audio/video calls. If you really want to talk Face to Face chat with your friends and family then you must have webcam or mobile camera. But if you using any application which allow you to talk in video only on PC not on mobile then you will follow these steps to get your solution. Mobile as Webcam is brilliant way to chat with other people in video calls without any webcam. Webcam can cost you some dollars/money so that’s why.

Just i want you to do some of following method to get easy solution for you. Most more than 60% users don’t have webcam on Computer so they can’t use that as a webcam. Now i have simple solution, and also i found this on internet. Hope this gonna work for you.


Mobiola Webcam Requirement


Mac OS X 10.9 and later (El Capitan support)

Windows XP and later (Windows 10 support)

iOS 6.0 or later

A WiFi connection is required to connect the Mobiola WebCamera app to the desktop computer (iPhone and computer should be in the same network).


iOS/Apple User Follow This Method 1:

  1. Download windows application from official website links below
  2. Select your model below and click on title to download for windows
  3. Mobiola




    iPhone BlackBerry Windows Mobile
    Pocket PC
    Windows Mobile
    Symbian S60
  4. There are two main files for this process if you are using latest phones like iPhone BlackBerry etc then you may install one file, but if you are going to use it on windows phone and Symbian s60 then you will install one party client on window, and other on your phone.
  5. Run Mobiola on your computer
  6. Run Mobiola on your phone (iPhone user install file with (itunes, iTools,ifunbox) etc
  7. Connect your phone via USB cable with your computer or Bluetooth
  8. Now in your phone open Mobiola application and from options select connect
  9. Now select your method USB or Bluetooth wirelessly (whatever your connected is created)
  10. You’re done enjoy Webcam  


Important Notes For iOS/iPhone User

  • First of all at least install this application on latest phone.
  • Do not use it for any illegal work.
  • You can also use it wirelessly if you have enough strong connection anywhere.
  • It’s simple and easy way to get it work.


Android User Follow This Method 2:

  1. Go to android market or Google Play Store.
  2. Search for (USB Webcam) & Install It.
  3. Turn on (USB Debugging) by going into >Settings>Application>Development>USB Debugging
  4. If you can’t find this option development just go to your about menu, tap more than 7 time on (Build) you will see option being developer mode on.
  5. If you are using Windows download server from (Here) & Linux user (Here).
  6. Install server on your computer windows.
  7. Connect your phone via USB or Bluetooth with server.
  8. Open your server on windows & Client app from your cell phone.
  9. Now create a connection.
  10. You’re done enjoy.
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