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These days Google the King of Internet is being so hard for every domain/website holder. Now if you are truly professional web owner then surely you will move your site from insecure to secure positive. I will tell you how can you move your all users HTTP to HTTPS. So HTTP to HTTPS is very popular terms to use in your website for more securities. Like if you have any website with registration method or you are using anything with payment you will have to use HTTPS instead of HTTP so people can the (Green HTTPS) with secure title on address bar of browser. Now topic is here that How to redirect your all users from HTTP to HTTPS just follow following methods to get this done.

I’m going to add here two methods so please use whatever you like it depend on your skills and work. It’s easy not any difficult work to perform this activities on your website/wordpress. Well now let’s get into these steps so you can get fast solution.

I’ve received so many request this month about, 

How To Redirect HTTP To HTTPS Without WWW

Method 1

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Go to cPanel
  3. You will find your .htaccess file in your root installation
  4. Just edit it
  5. Past the following code at the end of .htaccess file
  6. Change (MagHow) with your domain name.
  7. You’re done! Now see the changes.


Method 2

  1. Log into wordpress
  2. Go to plugins
  3. Add New Plugins
  4. Search (File Manager)
  5. Install First (File Manager) Like below in picture
  6. File Manager Direct In WordPress (MagHow.Com)
    File Manager
  7. Go To (File Manager)
  8. You Will Find All Files
  9. Search (.htaccess) file in search bar  or you will see like below
  10. How To Redirect HTTP to HTTPS Without www
  11. Just right click on this file and select (Edit)
  12. Scroll down to the end and add above code on it.
  13. You’re done.


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