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I was trying to find a way to duplicate a page in word file for faster work and making reports. Actually i work in a company where i always make daily reports for our customers and clients. But the thing is here i cannot do all things again and again which i need every time. So I’ve decided to find a way to duplicate Microsoft Office word page and paste in repeating process.

Now let me show you how can you add duplicate pages in word file easily, Please follow below two methods to get this thing done.

How To Duplicate A Page In Microsoft Office Word 2007


Method 1:

  1. Go To Word Option.
  2. Trust Center.
  3. Trust Center Settings.
  4. Privacy Options.
  5. Clear “Let or Allow Office connect To Online Services From Microsoft”
  6. Issue Has Been Resolved (Done)

Method 2

  1. CTRL + A Select All Documents Content From Single Page
  2. Paste Into Other Pages
  3. You’re Done

If you are thinking that method 2 is simple and you know already then you should know that Microsoft didn’t share any kind of way to disable or turn of this option in other ways. There is no option in Microsoft Word 2007 or other version to duplicate page with bulk option.


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