Perfect solution with perfect method always work for you. We are trying to give you all solutions in any kind of work. Best part of this website is the only give you easy way to understand the content. Maghow is giving you the best digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

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We are working on all kind of articles around the world. We work with (How To) title where people get confused and we give them solution. Now what’s the difference between others and us ?, We are doing this just because founder of this website want us to make this website clean and more useful for everyone. We mostly use following topics and others too,

  • Tech
  • Computers
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  • Laptop
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  • Windows
  • Gadgets
  • SEO Content Management
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is the founder and CEO of MagHow, the leading source of latest news, information about IT & resources for the Connected New Generation. Shan founded MagHow in 2009 when he was trying to make such a website where people get solution. His passion for sharing how-to topics, web tools and how social networks are transforming human interactions, with different ways and reshaping cultures so that’s why drove him to create MagHow. Always an entrepreneur, Shan has continued to push MagHow to evolve from a tech blog to a global media source for everyone with technology. He is also working in Telecommunication Company as a Finance Manager. He started his career since 2004 when he was studying about Technology. He learns from his practical work, getting into trouble then find solution for that, By doing study from Books, Videos and others way to get him to the right path. He never tired from his work and continue his hope with best thoughts. He was working alone in his life until he found his team.

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Jennifer Weinberger is an Development Assistant at MagHow writer and contributor. In this capacity, she creates advertising effort on MagHow’s social records and attempts to develop the organization’s online presence. She is likewise an individual from the MagHow team. She graduated Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s English Literature. Sharing new ideas with MagHow, so people can get more information with clarity. She loves to watching Netflix and Broadway shows.

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