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Cancel The “Encrypting” Process of Bitlocker Once It Has Started |Solved

How To Cancel Encrypted Bitlocker Microsoft Computer MagHow
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Whenever i try to protect my data on my personal computer or wherever i want so i love to install some of best softwares to keep password or encrypt my data with them. But Thanks to Microsoft for providing us built in feature (Bitlocker Encrypting) process for our drives. Now we don’t need any software to protect our personal data or highly confidential data. Bitlocker is brilliant way to protect your data without any tens so you are secure more than anything.

Why cancel the (Encrypting) process ?

You know when first time i try to encrypting my data i forgot to save all of those files in my another drive so if i forget my password so i can recover it later without any tens. When you are going to save all of your data with this protection method then don’t forget to save a copy of your data in another drive. But if you think that you want to cancel this process once it started then you can cancel this with following method.

How To Cancel (Encrypting Process of Bitlocker Drive)

  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Click On Control Panel
  3. Navigate To Security or skip to step 4
  4. Finally Click On Bitlocker Drive Encryption
  5. Suspend it for temporary so click on Suspend Protection & Yes
  6. You can also Turn Of Bitlocker and then click on Decrypt Drive
  7. You’re Done.


Note Before You Put Bitlocker Encryption On Drives

  • Backup of your keys during process
  • Add different way of security with Bitlocker
  • Save Online, Offline on Flash & Drive, Different Location for Keys & Backup Options
  • Don’t upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 10 or newer version when bitlocker activated
  • When you put Bitlocker on Windows 10 drives you cannot unlock it on windows 7
  • There is no way to recover your drive if you lost keys & backup options of Bitlocker.
  • Always remember your password and make a note of it and save it at your home somewhere.
  • Don’t turn on Bitlocker for (C) drive

Why It’s Necessary For Us and What Are Benefits of Bitlocker ?

  • Fully secured drives more than any software you install from third-parties
  • Easy to use
  • No one can hack it if he is master in anything don’t worry
  • Put your lock on drives and leave your files/data protected by Bitlocker.
  • It’s fastest and fully encrypted by Bitlocker Microsoft
  • Every person need if he/she have some of important files.



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