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How To Get Someone Facebook Profile or Page ID Number

How To Get Facebook Profile ID Number 1 MagHow
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If you are looking for a post where you can get a solution for this problem then you are on right place. In some cases, people use the facebook profile usernames and email addresses. But if you are a developer or developing something then you should know about your ID. But the thing is here Why I need Facebook Profile or Page ID number?.  In my case, I was using my login forms and some subscription box for my website where I was asked for Facebook ID number. That’s why I was thinking I should create a post for you.


How To Get Facebook Profile or Page ID Number

Now let me show you about this method with easy steps. No need to research so many things to get your profile/Page ID number.

Method 1:

  1. First visit this website (Here) or
  2. Enter your profile link example:
  3. Just change (Maghows) with your username.
  4. No matter if that is your page or profile it will show you the ID number.

Method 2 With View Source Code Chrome Users. 

In this method, you will see the way to get your profile or page ID Number. Just follow below steps to get your ID number.

  1. Simply visit (Here)
  2. If you can’t click the link just copy below link and paste into your web/mobile browser.
  3. click here > view-source:
  4. As you can see the name (MagHows) just change it with your profile or page username.
  5. or you can visit your profile/page and press (CTRL + U) view source code page.
  6. Now finally press (CTRL + F) find the option to look below code to get your profile/page ID number.
  7. for a profile ID type (profileid)
  8. for a page ID type (page_id). 
  9. You’re done.

Note: In above both methods you can use these methods to get your profile ID and also page ID number.

Please if you have any issue regarding this post leave your comments below so we can try to solve your problem.


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