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it’s pretty easy to add copyright (c) or any symbol in Adobe Photoshop, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC & so on. You just need to put some words or just go to tools menu to get it. I’m going to show you below how can you get these symbols or any others.

Actually there is 4 ways to add copyright symbol in Adobe Photoshop in my experience,

Follow these steps,

Method 1:

1: Open Adobe Photoshop

2: Open Any Image or Your Work Place On Adobe

3: Press & Hold ALT Button & Type 0169 ©

Note: It’s Working On My Adobe Photoshop CC. 

Method 2: Windows & Mac

It’s Easy, Fast & Within Second

Copy The Following (c) Copyright Symbol & Past It Wherever You Want.

Copy This: ©

Method 3: Windows

So Photoshop has no Glyph panel so you can’t add these but you can add by following steps,

1: Windows PC

2: Go To Start Menu Windows 7/8/10

Picture Help & Example

3: Search (Character Map)

Picture Help & Example

4: Select Copyright or Any Symbol & Click Copy

4: Past Copied Symbol Into Adobe Photoshop

5: You’re Done!

Note: You can also past this symbol anywhere on website or even in documents.

Method 4: Windows & Mac

It’s different from all above methods and so much easy because you don’t need to visit any website, folder, or search something for this symbol because it’s already in Adobe Photoshop, follow my steps please,
1: Launch Photoshop
2: Go To Shape Tools
3: Select Custom Shape
4: Select Shape From Menu
5: Select (c) Copyright Symbol
6: Draw Your (c) Copyright Symbol On Page
7: You’re Done!
Final words for my visitors, if you feel any trouble during these steps don’t be shy just freely comment on this post or contact me directly from contact page. 
Leave comments for feedback/suggestions or help. Thanks
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