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How To Hide or Remove WordPress Dashboard Widgets & Full Customization

How To Remove or Hide WordPress DashBoard Widgets MagHow
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If you have installed a WordPress the number#1 CMS (Content Management System) on your website then you should read this. So let me tell you that you might have seen some widgets on your dashboard after logging into your WordPress website. Now the thing is here that some of people don’t like to see these widgets every time they log into their website. Well today i’m gonna tell you the complete process of this customization and also you can edit anything on your WordPress admin panel.

How To Remove Any Widgets From WordPress Dashboard

All you need to do is that install a following plugin which i’m going to tell you in below method. Because with this method and plugin you can remove any kind of widgets from your WordPress Dashboard and also other irritating things too. Let me tell you how many widgets and what kind of words you can remove from your WordPress Dashboard.

With this plugin,

  • You can remove widgets
  • you can remove core update notification
  • You can remove My Account section
  • You can remove howdy section
  • You can remove admin bar while viewing website
  • You can remove comments section
  • You can change your login page to custom page
  • You can change menu options and arrange them in different ways
  • You can change media library style and add some filters
  • You can change picture quality of your uploading images
  • You can remove any unused tabs from WP Dashboard
  • and more You can read more about plugin (Here).

Method To Install & Configure

Method 1:

  1. Go to this link (Here) or
  2. Download plugin from this page and upload to your plugins directory

Method 2:

  1. Go to plugins page and click on add new
  2. Search for (WP Admin UI)
  3. Install a plugin (by Benjamin DENIS) & activate it
  4. You will see a notification about plugin or you can find in sidebar of WP
  5. Now it’s upto you that which things you want to remove or hide
  6. You’re done

Warnings !

  • Never try to remove useful widgets which you need everytime
  • Never install any kind of widgets which you don’t need for your site
  • Never forget to clear your cache after removing or hiding widgets
  • Never change your logins if you already set them
  • Never make any changes which you are not familiar with them.


Please do not hesitate to post your comments below if you can’t remove or hide your widgets i will help you in this process free of cost. So please keep in touch with this website for more updates. Don’t forget to subscribe


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