How To Hide Your WordPress Theme Details or From Source Code

How To Hide Your Wordpress Theme Name From Source Code MagHow
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Today let me tell you something very strange that you are going to read here something different from daily routine. If you are a web designer or developer then it mean you know what i’m going to say in next words. As you know every person on internet is using so many website/blogs and other platform to show their online work and helping other people. But the thing is here when you come to know that one of the best platform for website is WordPress then you feel like OMG ! i was looking for it.

WordPress Information:


One of the best CMS on internet for websites/blogs. If you want to run any kind of website then WordPress is the easiest and fastest way to build your business & run. After this description know it’s time to tell you that why you should hide your theme details from every person on internet who are looking for your theme.


Get WordPress Theme Details:


First of all you should try that how to see someone WordPress theme that which theme they are using on their websites/blogs. It’s easy to know just follow some below methods then after that i will tell you how can you hide your own theme details from everyone. 

Methods 1:

  • First Visit (Here) or
  • Enter your website or which you want to know
  • You will see the all details after loading some seconds.
  • You can find here all details and plugins they used on their website.

Methods 2:

  • Visit website which you want to know
  • Right click anywhere and click on (Inspect) or Press F12
  • Press CTRL + F and type (Theme) and you will find inc/theme/name will be here

How To Hide WordPress Theme Name


I’m gonna give you two methods to hide your WordPress theme name so you can easily find your perfect solution which you like.

Method 1 Offline: 

This method is only for those users who didn’t install their theme on website/blogs yet and want to secure before they install on WordPress. So please follow these steps below.

  • Open your theme folder where is located!
  • Just find your Style.css file and edit it with any Windows Simple Notepad,  or Third-party app Notepad++, Sublime Text
  • Now it’s also necessary to delete the Screenshot.jpg picture from theme folder. Because this picture will show your all details regarding theme name and version which you are using on your WordPress.
  • After removing all details from (Style.css) please add your own details how he added like,
  • Author Name add your own name Theme Name add your website name Theme URL add your own. Just replace everything which is not related to your website.

Method 2 Online Users:

In this method i will tell you a new way to get to your File Manager because it’s very difficult and also wasting time to going through your hosting website and then you will get File Manager link etc blah blah. Just follow my below steps and get it done easily.

  • Visit your Website and log into WordPress.
  • Go to Plugins section and add New
  • Search (File Manager)
  • Install & Activate (Plugin) by aihimel i recommended or anyone you like to install.
  • Go to File Manager and look for your theme folder it will in Public_HTML folder or directory.
  • Click on (Wp-Content) folder
  • Visit (Theme) folder
  • Now finally your theme (Name) will be here just open it.
  • Search/Find (Style.css) file same you find in offline mode
  • Right click on your (Style.css) name & click (Edit File) 
  • Just remove/replace the details which i already told you in Method 1.
  • You are done.


  • Always remember that do not move or delete your any theme file otherwise it will not work properly
  • Never edit any other thing in style.css file except for details of theme which you want to replace
  • If you can’t do these steps just forget and ask for help from senior or any developer. 
  • If you have still any kind of issue please do not hesitate to contact with us by using contact page on this website. 


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