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How To Rotate A Video In VLC With 6 Easy Steps & Picture Help

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Getting some problem in your video ? or maybe you just captured the video from iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Tablet, or Smartphones with wrong video degrees and now you want to rotate that video in VLC without any software or without doing too much work on that ?

So then here is the best and easily solution with pictures help where you can read and see that how can i rotate video in VLC.

Note: You should update your vlc or download the latest VLC player from Here.

Step 1: Open VLC & Select Tools (Video Must Be Open In VLC) 

Step 2: Select Effects and Filters  


Step 3: Click On Video Effects 

Step 4: Click On Geometry  

Step 5: Check Box (Rotate)

Step 6: Now Last Step Just Move This Angel & You’re Done! 


If you have face any problem to rotate your video in vlc then please i’m here to help you. Thanks! 
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