How To Run Any Program As Administrative Always

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Run Any Program As Administrative

Security is high priority of Microsoft company for computers and users. Using computer programs at any stage you always have some annoying popups which you never wanted to see. So here i’m gonna explain how can you turn of your programs notifications about (Run As Administrative). Every program made by different companies for computers. But most of them never clean or trusted for using. Here is simple step to turn off notification from trusted software’s or programs which you run always but don’t want to see this (Run As Administrative).

Please allow me to tell you about these steps, very simple way, Please follow below steps and also see pictures for help and strong knowledge.

    1. Select file which you want to turn of notification about (Run As Administrative)
    2. Right Click On file and go to Properties
    3. Go To (Compatibility) tab
    4. Check (Run this program as an administrator) options from tab menu
    5. Click Ok and you’re done.

You can also off all notifications from programs by clicking changing to programs settings from control panel.

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