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Your Phone Date Is Inaccurate! How To Fix This Issue |Whatsapp Solved

How To Setup Whatsapp Inaccurate Date Error MagHow
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Whatsapp is 2nd most using app after Facebook for messaging. Whatsapp Date Inaccurate Now it’s not good time here to talk about whatsapp with lot of  words that what is whatsapp or why people are using because they know very well about that. Now let me show you that how can you solve your problem with some following steps and easily get rid of this issue.

Whatsapp Date Inaccurate Why ?

Sometime it’s happen due to issue with your phone date or updating settings. If you are using iPhone or Android you will have to follow these methods to resolve this issue. Most users never notice about their apps that they are updated or not so you should check them regularly.

Method 1:

Please follow All in 1 solution to fix this issue.

Whatsapp Date Inaccurate | iPhone Users

  1. Open Your Apps Screen
  2. Remove Whatsapp From Apps Screen
  3. Go To (App Store)
  4. Find & Install Whatsapp Latest Version
  5. Now Try & You’re Done


Whatsapp Date Inaccurate | Android Users

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Application Manager
  3. Find & Uninstall (Whatsapp)
  4. You Can Press Long On Whatsapp icon & Drag To Delete Box
  5. Go To (Google Play Store)
  6. Find & Install Whatsapp Latest Version
  7. Now Try & You’re Done

Method 2:

Both iPhone & Android Users Follow This

Please it’s only one trick to solve this issue just (Correct/Update) your phone date it’s 2nd method for this issue so you can get out of this problem.

Windows Users & Others: You can also download latest application of whatsapp to get out of this issue.


Final Words

Please uninstall all apps that not are in your use so you can get fast speed on your phone. Allow those apps to update them automatically which you use most and important.

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  • This is the big problem many of the android users face.It works for me
    thanks bro for this fix , I recently came across this problem on
    whatsapp on android version 6 on my Redmi Note 3 device.

    • Yeah but it depends on users phone date and their details that’s why it’s can’t solve with Whatsapp Developer. It should be option in Android phone to select automatically. Well thanks for your comment.. 🙂 and information

  • Thanks

    • Your welcome and sorry for late reply.